Finding you 2 Sister Bra Sizes

Did you know you have a sister size when it comes to your bra. Yessss, and I’m here to share this wonderful information. Ever been in the store or online and it seems like there’s no bras in your size and there you were thinking maybe you can up up a size or down? Well you definitely can go to another size but it isn’t as easy as the next size up or down. You have a Sister Size for a size up and one for a size down. Yes, that's 3 bra sizes!! How exciting. It isn’t too complex either so don’t worry there’s nothing too mathematical and once you find out your sister size you can just jot it down in your notes for a reminder.

You’re probably wondering what are sister bra sizes and if they really work?  Sister size bras are sizes that have the same cup capacity but a different band size. For example, someone who wears a 32C could also wear a 30D and a 34B depending on how loose or tight you want it to fit. And yes, they truly do fit. Usually you want to only go up or down one size trying for 2 or more changes the entire fit and dynamics of the bra.

Having your bra sister sizes are for times when the cups fit well but not the band, your sister size allows you to try on a larger or smaller band size without changing the cup volume. So let’s get to work. Have your pen and paper ready.

SISTER SIZE DOWN: 1 size smaller than your current band size and 1 letter larger than your current cup size.

Example: If you wear a 34B, your Sister Size DOWN would be 32C.

SISTER SIZE UP: 1 actual size larger than your current band size and 1 letter smaller than your current cup size.

Example: If you wear a 34C, your sister size UP would be a 36B.

I’m currently working on a Sister Size Chart to add to the site so that these handy tips are always available to you with the click of a button. So the next time you’re shopping just refer back to this blog post if you’re ever in a bra sizing jam again.

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