How to find your bra size at Home

There’s no need to go to the store just to have your measurements do for your bra size anymore. Like so many other DIY projects, this too is an easy at home Do it Yourself. As long as you’re able to read, write, know your alphabet and basic adding and subtracting, this will be a walk in the park.

It is recommended that you first put on your best fitting bra or one that holds your breast up properly. Personally, I like to measure myself without a bra on and it’s worked great for me. You can purchase tailor measuring tape from your local dollar store, it’s nothing fancy, and if you have a little sewing kit one usually comes in there.

We’re going to measure the area underneath your breast to get your band size and then measure around from nipple to nipple for your bust size. Then we’ll subtract your band size from your bust size and the finishing steps to get your cup size.

Now here’s where we began with our measuring. Pay close attention, please write your measurements down, and reread if you have to. I’ll make this as simple yet detailed as possible. Ready? 

  1. You're going to wrap soft measuring tape around your ribcage, which is directly under the breast (Lift breast up to get more accurate measurement). Be sure to inhale and exhale to make sure you have breathing room. If your measurement is an EVEN number add 4 inches. If it’s an odd number add 5. If your measurement is a half number, round it to the next full number. 

Example: 28.5 we’ll round it to 29 then add 5 (because 29 is an odd number) which gives us 34. Our Band Size will be 34. Now that we have our band size let’s move on to finding our cup size. 

  1. Now take your measuring tape and measure around your bust. Measure around your breast, wrapping tape around from nipple to nipple. This is usually your fullest part of your bust. If your measurement is a half number, round it to the nearest full number. 

Example: Our measurement will be 38. This number is to help find your cup size!!

  1. This last step will help find your whole bra size. Band and cup size. You’re going to subtract your Band size from your Bust size. PAY ATTENTION!! After subtracting your band and bust, for every inch left over you add a cup size starting from the letter A. Look at the example below for better understanding if there’s any confusion!!

 Example: 38 - 34 = 4. 4 (is inches left over) which would be the letter D, which is the fourth letter in the alphabet. Our bra size will be 38D!! 

Three easy steps to get you into the correct bra size right at home. There’s a DIY for everything! Check out our other blogs for tips and articles related to lingerie, fashion, and all things woman.

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