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Lingerie is a luxury, not expensive. When people hear luxury lingerie they automatically assume hundreds of dollars. That’s not the case at all. While some brands can range into the thousands SP provides the same quality at a lower price with a bigger selection. We work hard to bring you the best lingerie and sleepwear and to keep our prices affordable. We’re stock with the latest new lingerie must haves to the classic lingerie pieces and styles that still leads the lingerie industry today. 

Welcome to Sophisticated Pleasure, better known as SP, an Online Lingerie department store, with a host of top of the line luxury lingerie brands. Our lingerie is American and European made, with elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful pieces to fit every woman’s taste. Whether you are looking for the perfect bra, panties, or nightgown, our selection of lingerie is guaranteed to satisfy your desires and needs. We are dedicated to providing you with the best products and services at the most affordable prices. We offer a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from. From sexy lingerie to beautiful nightgowns, we have something for every woman. Browse our stock and find the perfect lingerie for you today.



In today's world lingerie is no longer just for the bedroom. Lingerie has crept into the fashion world while making a huge statement. Our Dress in Lingerie Collection has something for every occasion. From sultry looks to romantic, fun to flirty, there are so many looks to choose from. The sheer lace lingerie is perfect for a night out at the club or a casual day at the office. With styles such as the black lace teddy, you will be sure to stand out without drawing too much attention to yourself. The perfect way to spice up any outfit you are wearing. The black lace teddy is perfect for the nights out. 


Our extensive bra collections makes SP stand out among the rest. No more boring thick strapped basic color bras, just because you’re amongst the larger breast size women. We carry bras up to a size 30M in multiple colors, styles, and patterns, all made with great material and quality to make the comfort of a great bra. Very supportive and comfortable, say goodbye to poking or tugging and constantly adjusting. Our brands specializes in making sure their bras meet the expectations and needs of having a great bra. 


As a little girl I would sleep in my slips as if they were lingerie, my love for lingerie started that early. By the time I was 23 I was fully in love with lingerie and started to introduce it to my friends, who at the time found lingerie meaningless. This is the belief of a lot of women and I hope with SP you’ll change that belief rather quickly. There’s a piece for every woman you just haven’t found yours yet. And it’s here at Sophisticated Pleasures. 


Lingerie isn’t dead, you just haven’t bought the right PIECE! 


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