Why Shop SP?

There’s plenty of places to shop for lingerie so why us? Because we get it, we know that lingerie is no longer for men. Women are empowering each other and themselves, and SP women empowerment, self love, and confidence is what we stand by.

Teddies and bra tops are taking over and lingerie has crept out of the bedroom, into the fashion world, and SP has noticed. Changing the dynamics of lingerie shopping, so that you are shopping to please yourself first, then anyone after that, SP has a variety of styles and pieces to fit all women. But most of all we are here to serve you for you.

Our SPLuxe Collection, affordable luxury lingerie, which features extended bra sizes and pieces you won't get from anywhere else. European made with a universal fit there's no need to be iffy about its fits. Please use our size chart for Aluxe, located under our Shopping Tools link.